Make your health a priority this year and  let us help! Manet has a wide range of programs and services designed to get and keep you and your family healthy throughout the year. Here are a few ideas to help start your New Year on the right foot:

Get Your Eyes Examined

Regular eye exams are important for people of all ages, from children to seniors, and especially for those with chronic health conditions like diabetes.”  It’s easier than ever to get your eyes checked at Manet’s Vision Center. The Vision Center is located on the first floor at Manet, North Quincy, 110 West Squatnum Street, and it’s open to everyone (not only Manet patients). The Vision Center accepts most major  vision plans, including EyeMed, Davis Vision, Opticare, Spectra, and Harvard Pilgrim Health Care. Call 857-403-1550 or 617-376-3000 to make your appointment today!

Schedule Your Annual Physical

The new year marks a chance to start taking better care of your body and mind, and getting a physical can be a great place to start.

During a routine health exam, your health care provider can screen for problems and diseases, like cervical cancer, breast cancer, colon cancer, high blood pressure or diabetes before they start or become problematic.

A physical exam is a good time to discuss with your provider your lifestyle choices that may impact your health.  For adults this may include smoking, drinking, exercise habits or stress management techniques.  For children, this includes all of the home, school and social risk factors that may impact the health and development of the child.

“It’s our job to work hand-in-hand with patients to help them take charge of their physical and mental well-being,” says Lily Yung, MD, Manet’s Chief Medical Officer.” We want patients to feel empowered to ask us questions and w e are happy to clarify any misconceptions patients may have. That’s why it is important for patients to find a provider with whom they are comfortable and have a good rapport. A good, trusting patient/provider relationship will ultimately benefit the patient’s health.”

Dr. Yung recommends that all children and adults get a physical at least once a year. However, some people may have to visit the doctor more frequently based on their different risk factors or disease processes.

Manet’s experienced and caring primary care providers are accepting new pediatric, adolescent, adult and geriatric patients. To make an appointment, call 617-376-3000.