What are your overall impressions or feelings about the first year in Attleboro?
Overall, I feel like the first year was a success. Though it was difficult opening a community health center in the midst of a pandemic, it was the right thing to do, and it was and continues to be the best decision for the community.
Have there been any surprises?
How fast we’ve outgrown the space! We thought it would be a slower start up and that we would slowly integrate the services offered at our sister sites. However, in addition to our clinical services, we now offer on-site medicated assisted treatment (MAT), behavioral health support and health insurance support. And while we offer other services, such as recovery coach, housing/food support and nutrition, remotely, we will soon be able to offer them on-site, too. But, at the moment the space limits our ability to do so.
What have been the most pressing needs you’ve seen from patients and how do you feel Manet is helping to address them?
The most pressing needs include behavioral health access, and I think Manet is doing a great job addressing this need. We have an exceptional and growing behavioral health team ready to assist patients with support and integrate this into their care.
As the Lead Provider for the site, what are you most excited about for year 2 and beyond for Manet, Attleboro?
I am most excited that we will be offering evening hours to accommodate working families, and I hope in the near future to also be able to offer weekend hours as well. Finally, I am also excited about the expansion! Four exam rooms and one office space are just not enough. We have outgrown this space in such a short amount of time and the new space, which will be beautiful, will enable us to continue to provide, as we say at Manet, “quality, comprehensive healthcare for all.”