Season of Thanks. Reasons for Giving.

It’s the time of year when we take stock of the people and things for which we are most thankful. For us at Manet, that means our wonderful and dedicated staff, our precious patients and our generous supporters new and old. During this season of thanks, we’d like to share with you stories of how your support helps us deliver care to those who need it.

I’m not alone: Allen’s Story

Allen Doyle spent most of his adult life traveling the world. With degrees from Boston College and Harvard University, he’s taught students, mostly in math, in Vienna, London, Stockholm, Egypt, Mexico and Thailand. He speaks 20 languages, though modestly insists “only two or three fairly fluently and only one fluently—English.” Yet, upon his return to the States a dozen years ago, he was flummoxed when confronted with the task of securing health insurance.

“I lived overseas for all of my working life, so I never paid enough quarters into the Social Security and Medicare system,” explained the 75-year-old retiree who now lives in Braintree. “When I began to look into all the various options, it was overwhelming. Then somebody said to me, ‘I know this guy, Ken Moore, at Manet Community Health Center. You should go see him.’ So that’s what I did.”

This was just the beginning of Doyle’s longstanding relationship with Manet. He still counts on Moore’s help whenever he has questions about his health coverage and he’s built an “excellent” relationship with his primary care provider Dr. Rob Shiner and with Cam Diep at the front desk (pictured above with Doyle), who helps arrange any needed follow-up referrals. He even picks up his prescriptions at Eaton Apothecary at Manet’s North Quincy site. “All of my medical care and medical expenses are taken care of right in this building,” said Doyle during a recent visit.

“My experience with Manet—with Ken, Cam, Dr. Shiner and everyone—over the past 12 years has been very positive and I receive wonderful service. I am seen in a reasonable time and I get a sense of assurance that I am not alone in this. Manet has eased me back into the U.S.—with lots of hand holding—and I am more than satisfied.”

Your gift helps patients like Allen live a healthier life.

Manet has been providing local, accessible, friendly, high quality care for thousands of patients for nearly 40 years. Support from individuals like you, who believe that everyone deserves a healthy life, helps our team deliver that care every day.

Please consider making a donation this holiday season. A gift of any size can make a difference. Here’s what your gift could do:

  • $25 – provide a child’s school vaccines or an adult immunizations
  • $50 – increase capacity for our nutrition education programs
  • $75 – enhance our patient education materials and outreach efforts
  • $100 – help subsidize transportation services for patients
  • $250 – support care management for patients with chronic disease
  • $500 – enhance our medical interpretation and translation services
  • $1,000 – fund facility improvements and new equipment purchases