Thanksgiving is a holiday often centered on eating, and with that can come nutritional challenges and lots of ways to fall into bad habits. The Nutrition Team at Manet has devised some ways to help you curb bad habits and survive this Thanksgiving with your diet (relatively) intact.

Cheers! Manet registered dietitian Abbie Benson, MS, RD, CSSD, LD, (center) gave a talk on Healthy Holiday Eating for Quincy Housing Authority residents in Germantown. Here they are trying out kombucha as an alternative to soda.


First, establish a normal healthy routine leading up to Turkey Day — fasting beforehand can lead to overeating on the big day. Overeating is a big challenge during the holidays, so keeping portion control in mind is key, and making some healthier substitutions for your Turkey Day staples can also help to lighten things up.


Remember to savor each bite and enjoy!


Click on the images below for helpful tips to keep you on track for a healthier and guilt-free Thanksgiving!