As infection levels begin to inch back upwards, health care providers and public health officials are urgently encouraging everyone who is able to get the vaccine as the best way to prevent a resurgence of COVID-19 infections this summer and fall. This can seem like an uphill battle as those who were most eager to get the vaccine did so early on. Now, the focus is on reaching those who may be less motivated.

People have many reasons for waiting to get –or not to get — vaccinated against COVID-19. That’s why, in addition to providing access to vaccination within our practice sites and at community pop-up locations, Manet providers and staff are working hard to address vaccine hesitancy by educating and assuring people about the safety and efficacy of the COVID-19 vaccines and enlisting those who are getting vaccinated to help dispel the many circulating myths.

Accurate information is key to helping people understand the facts and make informed decisions, and having the information come from a trusted source – whether it’s a health care provider, family member, friend or co-worker – also makes a difference in the decision to vaccinate. You can be a myth-buster by reading up, learning the facts and helping to motivate those around you to get vaccinated now.

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