Robert didn’t realize just how much he needed Manet when he first came in last year to seek treatment for a minor skin rash. But after talking with him, Dr. Justin Yang knew that Robert needed more than an ointment or salve, he needed help with his substance use disorder. With Dr. Yang’s guidance, Robert agreed to enter detox and began his road to recovery.

When asked if he realized at the time he had a substance use problem, Robert replies, “I just didn’t care.” Now, he is much more optimistic. He meets regularly with Dr. Yang, who specializes in internal medicine and occupational health, as well as a Manet behavioral health clinician and the nurse care manager for Manet’s Medication Assisted Treatment program.

“They are very caring people. I’ve been able to open up to them and I’ve never talked to anyone about any of this before,” he explains. “They’ve become a very important part of my life. They understand me. Even the people at the front desk are great.”

Robert now attends Alcoholics Anonymous meetings and has a positive outlook on life. “What a difference a year makes,” he says. “I feel like I’ve made a total turnaround. Manet has made a big difference in my life. Now I truly believe things are going to be good.”

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