Health Center Funding Cliff Update

With more than 70% of their federal grant funding hanging in the balance, health centers across the country are urging Congress to act immediately to extend long-term funding for the Community Health Center Fund, the National Health Service Corps and the Teaching Health Centers program. For now, Congress provided a two-month extension for all three programs through November 21.

Health Centers are asking for five years of extended funding, with increases over time to allow for growth and essential workforce programs. This funding would ensure health centers’ ability to plan for the future, secure bank loans, recruit staff and expand services for patients. A five-year plan eliminates the uncertainty caused by year-to-year, and now month-to-month, renewals of this critical investment in access to care. We are very grateful to our Massachusetts delegation for their previous work and support, including the most recent bipartisan extension. Please join us in thanking them and urging their Congressional colleagues to work together to finalize long-term funding.

Take Action Now by sending a message to your Congressional leaders using the simple form from the Health Center Advocacy Network — and don’t forget to select Manet as your health center! Thank you for your support!