REPORTS TO: Director of Marketing and Communications

General Definition and Scope of Job:

The Marketing & Community Development Coordinator is responsible for helping to build awareness of and engagement with Manet Community Health Center among community residents, prospective patients and community partners. While the Coordinator will assist with these efforts across the Manet service area, there will be special emphasis on Manet’s locations in Attleboro and Taunton, The Coordinator will serve as an external representative and ambassador for the health center and will be responsible for promoting and teaching about Manet’s programs and services to a variety of audiences and constituents; identifying opportunities for collaboration and promotion; serving as a collaborator in this market to facilitate referrals and create and maintain linkages. Additionally, the Coordinator will assist with creation and upkeep of collateral materials,

Core Responsibilities:

  1. Promote awareness of Manet programs and services within the community.
  2. At the direction of the Marketing & Communications Director, represent Manet on local and regional committees, advisory and community roundtables and collaboratives.
  3. Help to coordinate and vet outreach opportunities and requests.
  4. Identify unmet needs within the community. And suggest, document, and share tactics to reach vulnerable and emerging populations.
  5. Gather feedback from community members and agencies about Manet programs and services.
  6. Serve as a navigator for prospective patients and an ambassador community partners.
  7. Assist partners and patients directly with information and referral.
  8. Provide written reports on activities and opportunities to position the health center.
  9. Support social media and web strategies by creating and posting content
  10. Assist with creation and deign of flyer, posters, brochures and other collateral materials
  11. Prepare and staff promotional tables at at community events, health fairs.
  12. Help foster camaraderie and engagement across the practice locations.

Minimum Skills and Experience

The ideal candidate will have 3-5 years previous experience with marketing, communications, community relations and/or business development. Experience working within a non-profit, health care or government agency is a plus. Excellent written and oral presentation skills are essential. Design and social media sills are preferred. Workingknowledge of data research and analytics helpful. Familiarity with the Attleboro/Taunton region also a plus.

  • Ability to write creative, concise, cogent communications.
  • Excellent presentation creation and communication skills
  • Proven ability to develop content for internal and external communications across multiple channels.

Critical Demands of the Job:

  1. Manage multiple requests and prioritize appropriately;
  2. Ability to function in a fast-paced setting with a variety of patients and staff;
  3. Attention to details and prompt follow up;
  4. Includes walking and standing for long periods of time, sitting for short periods of time, hand dexterity, clear hearing and speaking ability. Must be able to lift a maximum of 1/3 of their body weight;
  5. Must be responsive to multiple deadlines.

Working Conditions:

  1. Works in well-lighted environment with comfortable surroundings;
  2. Stressful at times due to competing demands, including attention to multiple patients and staff; and,
  3. Will comply with all applicable laws, and will cooperate with the Manet Community Health Center compliance program rules and regulations.

Required Availability:

May be required to work evenings, holidays or weekends, if department requires.