POSITION TITLE: Behavioral Health Medical Assistant (MA)
REPORTS TO: Behavioral Health Services Director

Organizational Overview:
Manet Community Health Center is a federally qualified community health center that is fully licensed by the Department of Public Health and accredited by The Joint Commission. Manet serves all patients regardless of their ability to pay or health insurance status and is especially committed to providing services for the medically underserved and ensuring that patients have access to the highest quality patient care. Manet has five locations, three in Quincy, one in Hull and one in Taunton, Massachusetts.

General Definition and Scope of Job
The Behavioral Health MA will assist in the provision of direct and indirect services to patients. He/she will respond to a variety of health center behavioral health needs including assisting patients, families, behavioral health staff, nurses, physicians, and mid-level providers. He/she works under direct supervision of the Behavioral Health Services Director.

The Behavioral Health MA actively supports, promotes and works to fulfill the mission of Manet CHC as well as provide excellent customer service to external and internal customers.

Core Responsibilities

  1. Works in collaboration with the Behavioral Health Team to ensure optimum patient care.
  2. Under the direction of Behavioral Health Services Director, responsible for overall psychiatry and social worker scheduling at Manet’s Taunton site.
  3. Review Taunton Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner schedule daily and recommend revisions as indicated.
  4. Travel between Manet Sites for training required.
  5. Accurately measures and documents vital signs according to patient need and written protocol for patients being seen by Psych NP.
  6. Documents chief complaint accurately and briefly.
  7. Provides assistance with patient Psych NP visits.
  8. Provides set up of all necessary supplies and equipment.
  9. Instructs and assists patients in collection of specimens.
  10. Arranges for diagnostic tests as needed and instructs patients and/or family for the preparation of diagnostic testing.
  11. Conducts insurance checks prior to scheduling patients for behavioral health services to ensure Manet accepts patient’s insurance and patient is aware of any co-pays or out of pocket expenses for visits.
  12. Completes prior authorizations for patients getting scheduled for behavioral health services at Manet (all Manet sites) and assist with re-authorizations when needed to allow patients to continue in therapy after initial authorization finishes.
  13. Serves as a patient advocate.
  14. Willing to maintain a special project within his/her scope of function and knowledge.
  15. Assumes responsibility for exam room cleanliness and safety.
  16. Stocks supplies and patient literature in patient exam rooms.
  17. Sterilizes equipment as needed keeping proper documentation record
  18. Has the knowledge and ability to function at the front desk: appointment booking, check in/check out, and answering phones.
  19. Demonstrates self-direction and motivation in activities which enhance patient care.
  20. Anticipates new problems and is part of the problem solving process.
  21. Able to perform point-of-care testing for diagnostic tests and collect other specimens for diagnostic testing.
  22. Participates in patient care audit and quality assurance program.
  23. Correctly tracks laboratory reports according to established protocols.
  24. Escalates and documents problems through proper channels in accordance with Manet Compliance Programs.
  25. Ensures proper disposal of contaminated materials and specimens.
  26.  Documents in patient case/order with dates, purpose, return name/number, and all necessary information for follow-up.
  27. Participates in staff and site meetings on a regular basis.
  28. Performs other job related duties as required or assigned.

Minimum Skills, Experience and Educational Requirements

  1. High School Diploma or equivalent.
  2. Graduate of Certified Medical Assistant Program.
  3. At least 2-3 years of experience as a medical assistant.

Required Certifications and Licenses
See above

Critical Demands of the Job

  1. Manage multiple requests and prioritize appropriately.
  2. Ability to function in a fast paced setting with a variety of patients and staff.
  3. Attention to details and prompt follow up.
  4. Includes walking and standing for long periods of time, sitting for short periods of time, hand dexterity, clear hearing and speaking ability. Must be able to lift a maximum of 1/3 of their body weight.
  5. Excellent organizational and interpersonal skills.

Working Conditions

  1. Works in well-lighted environment with comfortable surroundings.
  2. Stressful at times due to competing demands, including attention to multiple patients and staff.
  3. Will comply with all applicable laws, and will cooperate with the Manet Community Health Center compliance program rules and regulations.

Required Availability

May be required to work a rotating schedule at various Manet Sites as the department requires. This includes evenings, holidays and weekends.


For inquires or to submit for consideration please contact Human Resource by email, manetjobs@manetchc.org, or via phone at 617-404-4115.